One thing that is very important to get the best result possible when you ride your unicycle is to choose the right size. Enjoying your bike is the key once you have learned to ride it so you can keep developing. To learn how to ride is not an impossible goal even if it can seem so at first, so choose a unicycle that you like and think will be useful once you have got the hang of it.

Leg length

Generally the size of wheel all depends on the length of your leg, which you measure from the ground and up to your crotch according to the picture below.

WheelsizeLeg length (cm)*Cutdown seatpost**
12"50 - 62 cm47 cm
16"60 - 74 cm52 cm
20"71 - 84 cm61 cm
24"79 - 93 cm69 cm
26"81 - 92 cm74 cm
29"86 - 99 cm76 cm
36"75 - 103 cm75 cm

* How much you can lower the seat post that comes with the unicycle, before it reaches the bottom of the frame tube.
** How much you can lower the saddle if you cut down the seat post.

A good advice when choosing between 12” & 16” and also 16” & 20” is always to choose the bigger size if possible. If you are still growing, it’s wise choose a unicycle to “grow into”.

As long as you use a seat post of appropriate length it’s possible to ride unicycles of all sizes. The length is set from a standard seat post, you can always order a longer seat post up to 700mm to use for unicycles with a smaller wheel. This is very common, say for example, if you are 185cm tall and want to use a more flexible 20”-unicycle, this option comes in very handy.

General use of different wheel sizes

12" (general unicycling, beginner, performance)
This is a very small and mostly used by children under 120cm or entertainers.
See our 12" range

16" (general unicycling, beginner, freestyle, trials)
The standard size for childre, works great up to a length of 155cm.
See our 16" range

20" (general unicycling, beginner, performance, trials, freestyle, flatland, street)
The most common size, this size is standard for trials, street, flatland and freestyle. Can be used from a length of 140 cm.
See our 20" range

24" (general unicycling, MUni, downhill)
A very common size for adults and it’s also common for outdoor use, short trips on asphalt or terrain.
See our 24" range

26" (MUni, cross country, road)
This unicycle is a bit bigger than the 24” and is mostly used for terrain unicycling, cross country or beginners road unicycle.
See our 26" range

29" (road, cross country, commuting)
the 29” is often used for long distance, road and cross country. Sometimes it is even better than the 36” at long distances where there are different types of road conditions.
See our 29" range

36" (road, commuting, longer trips)
The largest wheel size available and without a doubt the best choice for longer trips, frequent commuting and when going long distance.
See our 36" range

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